Episode 39: Marathon Shenanigans

Well, if you weren’t a guest on this show, you’re probably wondering why there is a new episode on your podcast feed. Something happened recently that led Steph and Kevin out of retirement for one more ‘sode. It might get a little sloppy in this ep, but hey, it’s free. You want something good? Pay for it. Guests include, Rob (Hyper Uppercut), Big E (Karaok Big E), Blake and Jason (Couch Pilots/Broken Funny Bone), Atom (Lowblow Podcast), and Dustin (Drunken Lullabies/Drunk at the Movies/Craft Beer Digest/WTF with Marc Maron/Serial/Smodcast/etc.)

Check it out- “it’s definitely content that is available for you to listen to.”



Episode 38: TTFN!

Kevin and Steph say ta ta for now on this week’s episode. The future of Let’s Try This hangs in there balance, as it has been decided to take an indefinite hiatus. We love you, we appreciate you, we thank you for listening. If you’re going to do anything at all for us, please just use the promo code below for someone in your life who loves craft beer.

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Episode 36: We’re Back!

We’re back folks, and we still have nothing productive to talk about! jklol.

We try on a face mask courtesy of our good friend Kristen, and catch up on reality tv as well as wrestling of course.

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Episode 35: The Road Diaries Vol. II

Kevin is on the road yet again this week, and has some very special guests! Lots of Big Brother talk, in addition to BREAKING NEWS.

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